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Contractor Score is not a guarantee or bond against a contractor's failure. It is designed to be an objective input to better assess risk or competition. Please note, by your purchase of Contractor Score, you are agreeing to Contractor Score LLC's Termas and Conditions. Please read these Terms and Conditions prior to purchasing. By using our site you are consenting to our Privacy Policy.

Contractor Score General Disclaimer

This financial information will be prepared by CS for the purpose of providing interested parties with general information about the Company. The data included will be derived from the books and records of the Company. Although such information is believed to present fairly the history and business of the Company, CS does not make any representation as to the completeness or accuracy of the contents of these financial metrics. CS, specifically, is only calculating data provided to CS by thr Company. CS will, in no manner, attempt to verify the informationprovided to them.

Parties wishing to pursue business with the Company shall be responsible for the verification of any information upon which they may make any decisions. The underlying financial information to Contractor Score is treated as confidential. The recipient shall use such information only for the purpose of evaluating conducting business with the Company and not in any manner or for any purpose adverse to the interests of the Company. Contractor Score is in no way a guarantee of the company's future performance.