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The Daily Mean

See how you stack-up! See how your subs or GCs stack up! A daily reference point! The Daily Mean is a Twitter feed pulling interesting and insightful financial performance data from Contractor Score’s immense database. Arguably, the largest of its kind in existence, 15 SIC codes with over 1,000 contractors each are represented in a continuous rolling 12 month compilation. The value represent an average financial ratio that is often used in comparing contractors by clients, banks, vendors, trade associations or your own benchmarking.

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Custom Report & Analysis

Perhaps one of the largest financial performance databases is now available to compare your firm. The Custom Report & Analysis is confidential, developed for and delivered exclusively to, you.

There are over a hundred comparative points against tens of thousands of data points. See how your business stacks up to like size and type contractors. Here are just a few of the major categories:

  • Liquidity
  • Leverage
  • Margin Analysis
  • Line of Credit Use
  • Subcontractor Use
  • Industry Margins by Trade
  • Asset Distribution
  • Capital Distribution
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Custom Report & Analysis
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Contractor Score & Global Risk Management Solutions Join Forces
Complete vendor and subcontractor screening and verification services

Contractor Score can manage your financial evaluations of subcontractors and contractors for free, GRMS can help with everything else.

Qualification of contractors goes beyond safety, financial and scope capabilities today. Compliance with the American Patriot Act, insurance certification, outstanding judgments, liens, bankruptcy history are just the basic starting points. Global Risk Management Solutions, in conjunction with Contractor Score, provide a one-stop-shop for all these needs. More information and details can be found at the GRMS Information link below.

GRMS information