Contractor Score helps measure the key aspects for a contractor's short-term financial and management capacity. Does the contractor have the money and manpower to mitigate problems on this job?

Contractor Score is not a guarantee or bond against a contractor's failure. It is designed to be an objective input to better assess risk or competition.

  • Manage subs on current projects with quarterly updates.
  • Broaden contractor solicitation with more confidence.
  • Differentiate yourself.
  • Owners are requiring a Contractor Score for prequalification.
  • Receive a single number.
  • Preserve complete confidentiality of financials.

How it Works


Contractor Score analyzes the contractor's most recent fiscal year's financial statements

Its most recent year-to-date financial statements, its outside lines of credit, its backlog, work-in-process. All the raw data come from audited, reviewed, or compiled financial statements, internal statements and data, and from the contractor's bank. Partial IRS tax returns may be used if financial statements are not available. These sources are used to help infer the numbers are genuine.


CS analysts develop the Contractor Score from the confidential information

All of the original confidential information is secured and accessed only for quality control purposes. The confidential information is destroyed thirty days after the score is processed.


You will be notified when the computed Contractor Score is available via e-mail

The new Contractor Score will be available on your account for retrieving. The contact(s) of record will be notified via email when it is ready. Login, retrieve your new certificate and then handle it however you wish. The contact(s) of record will be the only one(s) able to access the new and any previous certificates once logged in


Updates may be done as often as the contractor likes

The fee for any and all updates is the same as a new score.


This financial information will be prepared by CS for the purpose of providing interested parties with general information about the Company. The data included will be derived from the books and records of the Company. Although such information is believed to present fairly the history and business of the Company, CS does not make any representation as to the completeness or accuracy of the contents of these financial metrics. CS, specifically, is only calculating data provided to CS by the Company. CS will, in no manner, attempt to verify the information provided to them.

Parties wishing to pursue business with the Company shall be responsible for the verification of any information upon which they may make any decisions.The underlying financial information to Contractor Score is treated as confidential. The recipient shall use such information only for the purpose of evaluating conducting business with the Company and not in any manner or for any purpose adverse to the interests of the Company. Contractor Score is in no way a guarantee of the company’s future performance.