Contractor Score LLC

1904 Victoria Road, Ste 300 Raleigh, NC 27608

T: 919-758-8700

Contractor Score LLC is a management consulting firm specializing in the construction industry. The management team has worked for over 30 years with contractors and their organizations.

The group is led by Glenn Matteson and is based in Raleigh, NC. Contractor Score currently serves the entire U.S. and Canadian markets with designs to soon help other international clients.

Glenn has been advising contractors how to improve their company’s performance since 1985. Clients seek Glenn’s advice about their financial strengths and opportunities for improvement. This includes management practices, technology applications, cash management procedures, business plans and pricing policies. Glenn has helped hundreds of clients develop and implement practical strategic plans, resulting in improved financial performance, competitive position and teamwork. Glenn’s specialized knowledge of how to adapt professional management techniques to improving productivity through the latest technologies make him a highly sought-after speaker and adviser.

National contractor trade associations, manufacturers of construction materials and construction equipment manufacturers and their dealers are frequent sponsors of these seminars, along with many local construction trade associations. Glenn also has worked with contractors in Puerto Rico, Canada, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

Published articles by Glenn include “Why Construction has Technology Turtles,” “Equipment Management & Rate Development,” “Equipment Costs” – chapter 15 in Harcourt Brace’s definitive Construction Accounting Deskbook. He also has presented expert testimony concerning the equipment claims valuation and financial damages from delay.

Glenn holds bachelor of arts degree from Wake Forest University and an MBA degree from North Carolina State University.