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Your most recent fiscal year-end financial statement

This should be either an audited, reviewed or compiled statement from your outside accountant including their cover letter. If financial statements are not prepared, the year-end IRS tax return may be submitted (first six pages only) along with your internal year-end statements (balance sheet and income statement). Since all submission information is destroyed after a score is calculated, those applying for updates should also include their most recent year-end financial statement again.


Your most recent internal YTD Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement

This would be your internally generated balance sheet and income statement. If your most recent YTD represents your year-end as well, skip this submission.


Your most recent Work-in-Process statement

If not included in your financial statements. Job or customer names may be redacted if you wish.


Your most recent bank credit line information

Credit limit and current balance This must be from a bank. A letter will suffice as long as actual amounts are cited and not vague ranges. Screen shots or print outs of on-line statements will also work. If you do not have a credit line, that is not a problem; just let us know.


Effective Date on Certificate

There is an Effective Date on every Contractor Score certificate. This is the date of latest financial statement sent to us to derive the score.


Send this information one of four ways

  • Upload files securely during check-out.
  • Email as attachments to our secure email address. submissions@contractorscore.net
  • Mail or overnight to : Contractor Score Submissions, 1904 Victoria Road, Suite 300, Raleigh, NC 27608
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